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Official site for Samantha Lockwood. Actress, model, artist Bikram Yoga Teacher and Founder of Fleurings vase jewelry. She starred in "Shoot the Hero!" on Showtime and plays the love interest in JT Hodges "Goodbyes Made You Mine". Known for her strong acting work. Daughter of veteran sic-fi actor Gary Lockwood star of "2001: A Space Odyssey" who plays 'Frank Poole'.

Ms. Lockwood began acting at age 16 doing on camera work in Infomercials and bit parts in films like "Lords of Dogtown" where she was spotted as the hottest chick in the film by Maxim. Simultaneously she has pursued a career as a Bikram Yoga Teacher having taught since her training in 1999 and at the time was the youngest certified teacher. She is currently Kauai, Hawaii based where she runs Bikram Yoga Kauai travels several months of the year for acting work and for teaching yoga around the world. Bikram Yoga Istanbul, Bikram Yoga Milan, Bikram Yoga Schottenring Vienna, Bikram Yoga Pordenone, Bikram Yoga Tysons Washington DC and many more. 

A creative spirit all the way through, Samantha has always loved picking up the paint brush or the pen to create works of art. Besides painting for art shows periodically she designed a unique vase jewelry line "Fleurings" designed to hold water and fresh flowers. Inspired by advice from her Grandmother Betty to "wear fresh flowers for good luck". Fleurings are vase earrings, necklaces and hairpieces that have been featured in Press all over the world in GENLUX, TEEN PROM, Weddings in Houston, Cover of Honolulu Star Newspaper, Cover of Garden Isle Newspaper, Kauai Lifestyle Magazine, and many more. In Japan publications such as SWEET, SOUP and ViVi. Considered must have jewelry for weddings celebrities such as Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller picked up eight of these small vase necklaces for their Bridesmaids and pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton picked up fifteen pairs of gold earrings for her maids. 

Yoga Teacher Experience

Owner of Bikram Yoga Kauai and youngest certified Bikram Yoga Instructor at age 17. 

Samantha Lockwood has been doing Bikram Yoga since she was in the womb. Her parents and both also actors were students of Bikram Choudhury's since the early 1980's. Denise DuBarry was practicing Bikram Yoga before and all throughout her pregnancy. Samantha was born into a life of yoga. Her mother was the founder of Malibu Yoga one of the very first studios that offered yoga namely the Bikram beginning method of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. In the Summer of 1999 while in her junior going on senior year in high school Samantha attended the Bikram Teacher Training and became of the youngest certified teachers to complete the rigorous training. At the end of the training she received a Medal for Best in Posture and has since continued to teach this series in Los Angeles at the Headquarters studio under the foot of Bikram Choudhury, founder of Bikram Yoga and her Teacher since a young age. She has also traveled and taught Bikram Yoga all over the world in : Vienna, Milan, Istanbul, London, Tokyo, Marrakesh, San Francisco, New York and many other cities. She now owns Bikram Yoga Kauai. 

American Fitness Magazine

Recent Interview "Yoga for Inner & Outer Strength" - by Nicole Borgenicht 

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Yoga Practice

Bikram Yoga Kauai

Bikram Yoga Kauai is the premiere Hot Yoga Studio on Kauai since 2007 offering the original Bikram Yoga Beginners Series 26 Postures & 2 Breathing Exercises. Owned by Samantha Lockwood. Offering daily classes & retreats on The Garden Island of Hawaii.


Behind the scenes footage of Samantha Lockwood doing yoga photographed by Claudio Marinesco, Produced by Victoria Pressly. Yoga Inspired action photo shoot for Maxim UK movie promotion for "Shoot the Hero!"

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